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Client Words

* Erin, I love love love the perfume.  You have a great nose....which I think is the correct term for people in the business!’s such a creative and beautiful thing to be doing...I shall be sharing the word far and wide. 

I hope you’re well and wish you massive success xx

Niamh is wearing "Flowershop Floor"

* Erin, I am totally blown away with Deep in the Woods! It's so rich and enveloping, feels like a warm blanket in winter..this is simply the most intoxicating aroma and I'm so happy it didn't come from a corporation.

Power to the makers and creators.  Derick

* Oh my god it arrived today and I am in love with it! It's so beautiful!! Seriously.  I prefer it to my Le Labo. 

Aoibhinn's wearing Can't Do Without You

*Lalalaloooooove Can't Do Without You! Got it for my partner for his birthday! I'm following him around the place more so than ever, as he smells so dreamy!  Suzy

*Just wanted to say thank you for posting the samples to me so fast, I have received them this morning and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! The Rose Petals on Suede (name fits so well) is so delicate and feminine, the only rose perfume I have ever liked to date! It's so soft. I have to really congratulate you for the Flowershop Floor one (my favourite), it's exactly that, you really managed to capture that fresh and intoxicating smell, it smells unbelievable and really resonates with me. At first I thought the Peppercorn perfume wasn't for me when I smelled it initially but as soon as it settled a bit on my skin I really loved it too! So I'll have no option but to buy all three of them soon! Congratulations on making such beautiful and original perfumes. Mara

*This is really beautiful. Arrived in 2 days and exactly as described. A little goes a very long way. Exquisite and amazing value. Thank you so much. I wish you well deserved success. Lorraine is wearing Smoky Rose in Amber.