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Erin Quinn is an Irish-Canadian award winning multi-disciplinary artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Her practice includes fine art photography, conceptual olfactory projects and utilises Artificial Intelligence tools in her Visual Artworks. She explores themes of climate, popular culture, feminism, memory and human connection. Winner of the 2023 Royal College of Physicians Climate and Health Arts Award and Gold in the Budapest International Foto Festival 2023 - both for her series "An Tuile/The Flood" (AI/Photography)

Group Exhibitions/Commissions:
2023/2024 The Wrong Biennale - AI Visual Art in The Exphygit Corpse, The Scrapbook Enigma
2023 Royal College of Physicians "Climate and Health" Exhibition, Dublin - AI/Photographic work, 1st Prize Winner, "An Tuile/The Flood"
2023 Budapest International Foto Festival, Gold Winner for "An Tuile/The Flood"
2023 National Gallery Ireland Shop - conceptual scent based on a chapter in Ulysses by James Joyce,  "Molly" Eau De Parfum
2021 Lost and Found Exhibition, Universal Space, Dublin -Olfactory installation, "Outside"
2021 National Gallery Ireland Shop - conceptual Olfactory based on the painting "Hellelil and Hildebrand, the meeting on the Turret Stairs" by Frederic William Burton,  "Páis" Eau De Parfum,

2020 Irish Museum of Modern Art Shop 8 conceptual scents

2020 Oscar Wilde House, Dublin Conceptual scents "Salome" and "Lilac Wine" based on Oscar Wilde's writings, "Salome" and "The Picture of Dorian Grey"

2019 Moon Landing Exhibition, A4 Sounds Gallery - Olfactory installation "Portrait of a Landing"

2016 RHA Annual Exhibition, “Untitled” from “When I started Again series” 
2015 “Untitled”, Foundation 15 Arts Festival, Tullamore, Winner of Critics Choice Award - Photography

2014 “Adam” Breaking Point series Hennessy Portrait Prize Shortlist, National Gallery, Dublin (November) - Photography

2014 “Breaking Point”, Block T Visual Arts Showcase Exhibition, Dublin - Photography

2014 “Surveillance”, United Photo Industries “Secrets&Lies”, Dumbo, New York, USA - Photography

2014 “Surveillance”, United Photo Industries “Secrets&Lies”, Cambridge University, UK - Photography

2013 “Breaking Point”, New Living Artists Show IV, IMOCA, Steambox, Dublin - Photography

2013 “Breaking Point”, Royal Ulster Academy’s Annual Show, Ulster Museum, Belfast - Photography

2013 “Unfolded”, ESC Zine show as part of PhotoIreland 2013, Eight Gallery, Dublin - Photography

2013 “Unfolded”, VUE Art Fair in the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin - Photography

2013 “Unfolded”, MOPLA (Month of Photography, Los Angeles, USA) - Photography

2011 “Surveillance”, Manifest Gallery, Ohio, USA - Photography

2011 “Surveillance”, Peppercanister Gallery, Dublin - Photography

2011 “Breaking Point #2”, Invited Artist, Royal Hibernian Academy’s Annual Show 2011 - Winner of Curtin O'Donohue Photography Prize - Photography

2011 “Surveillance”, AGallery, Chelsea, New York, USA - Photography

2011 “Breaking Point”, UPSTART Dublin poster campaign/exhibition during elections - Photography

2010 “Surveillance”, PhotoIreland Festival, The Complex, Dublin, Ireland - Photography


Solo Exhibitions:

2016 “Inside the Void”, Talbot Gallery & Studios Dublin - Photography

2011 “Dreaming”, Alliance Francaise, Bangladesh, Chobi Mela International Photography Festival - Photography

2010 “Surveillance”, Centre for Creative Practices, Dublin, Ireland - Photography

Winter 2023 - Irish Arts Review Magazine
Oct 2023 Totally Dublin Magazine - Cover and Feature - AI/Photography

April 2020 The Gloss Magazine - Olfactory

March 2020 The Gloss Magazine - Olfactory

February 2020 Totally Dublin Magazine - Olfactory

Oct 2014 “Adam” (Breaking Point) - Photography

Oct 2014 “Surveillance” (Russian) - Photography

29May2011, (Breaking Point #2) The Sunday Times, Culture Magazine, Pg. 15, Cristin Leach - Photography

25May2011, (Breaking Point #2) The Irish Times, Culture, “Creativity Overcomes Commerce”, Aidan Dunne - Photography

April/May2011, (Surveillance) Gallery&Studio Magazine, New York, “Art Contest Winners Forecast Trends to Come” - Photography

12Aug2010, (Surveillance) The Irish Times, Arts, “Captured by Unseen Spies”, written by Maggie Armstrong - Photography

9Aug2010, (Surveillance) Live Radio Interview on Newstalk with George Hook - Photography

14Aug2010, (Surveillance) Live Radio Interview on Phantom FM with Nadine O’Regan - Photography

Jan2011, “Breaking Point” - Photography

Oct2010, “Surveillance” - Photography

Oct2010, “Surveillance”, Shortlisted for artist of the month - Photography

2023, First Prize Winner, Royal College of Physicians Ireland, Climate and Health Visual Art Exhibition (AI)
2023, Gold Winner, Budapest International Foto Festival (AI)
2015, Critics Choice Award, Foundation15, Tullamore
2014 Hennessy Portrait Prize Shortlist, National Gallery, Dublin,  “Adam” 

May2011, The Curtin O’Donoghue Photography Prize, RHA Annual Exhibition, "Breaking Point 2"

May2011, Imagine Ireland Grant (Culture Ireland Initiative) to fund New York exhibition/travel


2014 “Breaking Point”, SAND Berlin’s English Literary Journal Issue 9

2012, “Breaking Point”, International Photography Annual, Manifest Gallery USA