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"Roisin" from the series Breaking Point

"Breaking Point" is a photographic project about resilience, and a human’s ability to push through adversity and fear. The term “breaking point” is used in breath-hold diving. Japanese fisherman would train themselves to hold their breath for extended periods underwater so they could dive to further depths and for a longer duration. It is the moment a person submits to their overwhelming urge to take a breath that is considered their breaking point.  Erin photographs her subjects moving past their own physical and psychological limitations. She’s interested in how much of a person’s desire to take a breath is actually a manifestation of their own fears. She tries to capture this transformative moment when her subjects come up for air. This ephemeral transaction between the subject and artist reveals their innermost fears, triumphs and the time in between.

Unframed 90cm(w)x128cm(h) Paper size.

Edition size: 5 (5 Available)