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Inside the Void

This series embraces an uncertainty of being and considers the body in an undefined isolated space. It is sometimes in these empty spaces where we find meaning. Isaac Stern described music as “that little bit between each note – silences which give the form.” Similar to Buddhist teaching of the word ‘emptiness’, where the word does not mean an absence but has a form and is fundamental to the human condition, here a void is given a form and value.
The photographic image is therefore concerned with the negative space as a mechanism for framing the physical presence of the artist. The performative activity is presented to us in fleeting moments. Like a dance of the subconscious that communicates both grief and strength equally. The camera bares witness to a tangible, carnal struggle fueled by ephemeral psychological states.
Instead of avoiding such a space the body freely inhabits a void as place. This chasm then becomes a supportive entity, a stage framing the contorted fragility of the human form.

Unframed 85cm(w)x59cm(h)

Edition size: 20 (19 available)