Pink Peppercorn & Cinnamon Leaf

Pink Peppercorn & Cinnamon Leaf
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Gender Neutral
10ml Limited Edition
Eau de Parfum

"Pink peppercorns" (Baies Roses in French) are not actually peppercorns at all, but the berries of the tree Schinus molle, the Peruvian pepper tree. Once crushed, they are fruity with a slight spiciness and flavours of juniper, aniseed and pine. Although mild and sweet, they are quite pungent but not peppery. Cinnamon Leaf Oil has a more delicate, slightly fresher scent than the bark. It's also been known to have aphrodisiac qualities. Together these two notes balance to create a warm, fruity, spicy, sexy and intoxicating scent that will leave you wanting more.

Notes of Baies Roses, White Grapefruit, Bergamot, Myrrh, Linaloe Berries, Cinnamon Leaf, Frankincense, Fine Maniguette, Black Pepper, ISO Super.