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An Tuile "Untitled 2"

An Tuile "Untitled 2"

Series Title: An Tuile (The Flood)
AI/Photographic Self Portrait

/imagine a future world affected by flooding brought about by climate change. In this series, I harness the power of artificial intelligence to shed light on the inconceivable notion of carrying on with normalcy amidst these unimaginable circumstances. I use my (younger) self as a model, envisioning an uncanny portrayal of a future life that defies reason.

By combining self-portrait photography with AI technology, I strive to create imagery that stretches the boundaries of imagination, providing a thought provoking commentary on the realities we may face.

The flooded environments depicted become an other-worldly stage, emphasizing the inherent contradictions we face with a climate-altered world.

By positioning myself as both subject and observer, I invite viewers to question their own place within these bizarre realities.

Through the lens of AI-generated art, I challenge the viewer to confront the uncomfortable truth that our current path is untenable.

Size 20" x 13.33"

Edition of 10
Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle fine art photo rag 308gsm paper